Does Corona conspiracy benefits America?

I am not a conspiracy writer nor do I intend to become one but there are things that common people must understand and as a common person I feel that I should write for awareness of common people, so here I am.

I blog about lifestyle of people and intend some personal growth of my readers as a result of my writings.

The topic of my post today may seems a bit different and our discussion might also be different but trust me our result will not regret you for wasting your few minutes on reading this post.

I am coming directly on my point.

Today we are discussing some headlines regarding COVID 19. You may not see anyone of these headlines on any news channel but these may have disturbed your mind sometimes.

So what is the relationship of these headlines with America?

Of course you know very well that everything in this world has something to do with America in some way.

America ( when I say America I mean USA) is a superpower somehow and it is in our great benefit that a great country lime America who looks into matters of everyone and feels for everyone is a superpower in our times!

Moving on:

As we know corona is a global pandemic, so as a global matter it has a lot to do with America and as a matter a lot of these conspiracies has  relation with America.

Now lets talk about these headlines a bit.

Is Corona real?

If you ask my opinion, well I am confused but as a writer my opinion doesn’t count. The reality is that, there are thousands of deaths been reported throughout the world.

Whether these deaths are caused by virus named COVID 19 or not is a worth discussing topic and gives birth to many more questions in one’s mind that will remain unanswered as many before, but it is a reality that human curiosity never got weaken and human mind doesn’t stop asking questions.

Some question that we think are sacred may have ordinary answer so keep your question unanswered if you think the answer doesn’t satisfy the need of your question.

Is Corona a biological weapon?

This is also an important headline as we are familiar with the discussions about some science work done to African people ( great contribution to science and humanity) and we all know that America is the first country that has done human trial of atomic bomb and the services of America to humanity in Iraq and Afghanistan are not hidden but we will came to it later, here we are having discussion about corona virus and theory related to it is that its trials were held in china and after that it was used all over the world specially in Europe and America, and the reason it gave for its use is to eliminate poor and weak as it is a part of greater plan to make world free for these worthless people.

Of course it didn’t have any scientifically proven answers but I don’t think any answer will satisfy this conspiracy theory.

Again we will have a little bit of discussion about America where rich people have health insurance and access to great medical facilities and benefits but poor have different treatment altogether.

Are poor and street criminal not humans?

I am not praising third world countries because they are also following superpower in every regard. Third world countries don’t have great medical facilities but whatever they have is occupied by elite class.

Corona as an economical blow.

We all are some what familiar with the economical consequences of COVID 19. It has effected the global markets badly. The trade between different countries of the world is closed and industries and business within the countries suffer a great loss.

Now if we talk about economical effect of this pandemic on America we will see no different results as compare to other countries of the world. There was a huge loss to American economy reported recently due to the pandemic but a country like America is use to of such economical blows as mentioned earlier about war of terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, that war also arouse a lot of questions in rational minds like:

What was the cost of that war?

Was it really against terrorism?

Does world is free of terrorism?

Why talks are held with Talibans now?

Are there good Talibans and bad Talibans?

 If Talibans actions against Russia was patriotism then why against America it is terrorism?

Without a doubt “ Taliban and America” is a huge topic and it involves politics and show off of power more than anything else  but here we just put a fragment of it to fix our discussion.

You might think it has some thing to do with region or anything else but I demand you to look in this matter in a human context.

Majority of American people have that superpower thinking where they think that they are superior to other people of the world.

So what if our attacks on Talibans kill innocent people, some Talibans are also killed, it is for greater good.

So what will happen if any military operation is held in America, of course safety of the civilian will be of priority. Sorry to say but afghan’s lives cost less than American’s , but in case of COVID 19 poor American’s lives cost less than rich American’s. there are things to be learn from this.

I ask you where do we stand?

Living in a jungle I guess, where powerful destroys weak.

You can criticize me on my views, what more can I expect from your superpower programmed minds.

Are we cursed?

Humans are cursed!

Another headline but I will say that we are not humans any more, we are animals maybe worse.

Humanity came with being human( inhumanity of human link) and it is not a conspiracy against humanity as we are not humans anymore, just a specie who looks quite similar to humans.

As a matter of fact some animals also looks like humans but only looks does not define what we are but actions does.

So what does our actions reflect?

What are we putting inside the minds of our next generation?

We are planting seeds of hatred and superpower thinking inside minds of our kids and we should remember that we will reap as we sow.

There are people belonging to different nations, races, castes, regions and religions. Everywhere there are groups of people but sadly there is no group of humans.

Every group is against the other group. World is heaven and hell at the same time for different groups.

Every effort for peace starts a new war.

 so where are we heading?

The poison has reached the roots, now it is not just about nations, it is more complicated and reached a more vulnerable stage where families are against families, brother is against brother. What are causes of this fight?

An old saying that will never get older is “ Divide and Rule”.

Media, politics, economics all are conspiracy games.

We think that media brings us with news but those news are gossips for one group of  society whereas other group forms opinions on basis of the wrong data that is being provided by our blind, greedy media. As perception of people differ so does their opinion but division between people is the result and that is  the real gain of media game.

We all are familiar with political game, where common people think that they are participating in it but the real gain of politics is also division between people, same formula is working here.

Economics is a great division as our societies depends on this division. Rich enjoy their lives because of poor.

It is poor’s thinking that we are provided with economy from the state as they remain unaware of their efforts and contribution in development and progress of state.

Rich earn luxuries from efforts of poor whereas poor just earn their livings from all their efforts.

Poor class runs the country but unfortunately unable to run their houses.

We are asked to dream big to earn a life of rich person but nobody is ready to look into the sufferings of poor who are unaware of media, politics and economics.

Our legs are struck inside the mud of poverty while we dream fly in the sky, every body just tries to get their legs out but nobody tries to clean mud for others.

There is a lot more to say but I don’t know how my writing is effecting your thinking.

The only reason why I write is to stimulate the thinking of my readers so they think about what they must change in their lives and take actions immediately because time is just passing us by and right actions don’t count unless not taken on right time.

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression

                                                                Call for change

I have no doubts in saying that anxiety and depression changes your complete life. The real question is how?

How it changes your life?

How could we minimize its effects?

How could we make other people understand this condition better?

How could we change our life style?

Hopefully you will get  answers to these and many more questions after reading this article.

Main focus of this post is to make people realize about the importance of mental health to make them understand that these diseases are also like other diseases that can be cured. They will understand what are struggles of these people to make a better understanding of their condition. It will also help those people who are struggling to cope with mental problems in a better way and it will also help to eliminate this stigma from our society.

First of all I want to salute all those super humans who are having a fight against their own self. This is a fight worth fighting and may you  become a better human and conquer all your troubles and fears.

This condition can bring various effects to your body but I will only point out its psychological effects because if we have a better psychological treatment then physical effects will also disappear.

To make a better understanding of this condition I want you to have a close look on the life of some one who is struggling from all of this.

From a physical point of view that person will look same but from inside he will be struggling from physical pains, joint itching, restlessness, stomach problems and many more but our focus is something else.

You will observe a difference in behavior as majority of people are antisocial but if exposed to a social situation they cant bear it for much longer and will isolate them whenever convenient.

These tips don’t always help because majority of the problem remain disclosed within their personality and symptoms might be different from person to person.

Here it must be noted that all antisocial people could not be marked as mentally ill but antisocial behavior can lead to one, because mental diseases isolates you from your social settings and then destroy you, so antisocial people are at huge risk of having such conditions.

As major problem is with the mind, thinking and the thinking pattern of the individuals so it is very difficult to predict or feel the pain a person is going through having such a condition but I can guarantee you that it is out of this world feeling and most of these people single themselves from society because society cannot feel their pain or even try to feel it and treat them accordingly and that make their condition even worse.

So what really happens inside an anxious and depressed person’s mind?

To understand the thinking and perception pattern of an anxious or depressed mind you first to understand what actually is the cause of this condition. 

I have no hesitation whatsoever to associate the word “negative” with these conditions because it all starts with some negativity, here it should be kept in mind that I don’t blame the individual who is going through these conditions to be entirely responsible for their condition. Yes, they have responsibility and they should take responsibility as it is first step toward cure, but there are also many more factors contributing to their conditions that should be kept in mind these  includes environment of home, workplace or any other place where an individuals spend his time, negative behavior of others towards him, lack of self esteem, have gone through some tragic situation, unfair and unjust behavior of society and wrong perception of social situations.

Here one can argue that these are common and normal situations that everyone has to face but one should kept in mind that  all people are different and people who are trapped by anxiety and depression are generally more sensitive to other people or the have weak psychological growth.

Now as we have discussed a little bit about causes of anxiety and depression, let us discuss the thinking and perception pattern of such individuals.

Human beings are positive in nature and it is in their nature to face and conquer their fears and struggles with bravery , so when this natural process starts to disturb and human mind deviates from its natural course then troubles like anxiety and depression starts to appear in one’s life.

This all starts to happen when an individual starts to blame himself or his environment to be the real cause of any struggles in his life rather then using his natural instinct of psychological power to get through it.

It is very important to know  the work and difference between physical and psychological power. Psychological power is most important as it gives courage and will to face any challenge and trouble in ones life. It helps a person to make a sketch inside his mind of the possibilities that will get him out of his troubles where as physical power helps him to use his physical strength to complete the challenges and daily tasks.

So what happens when negativity starts to creep inside human’s mind. It starts to kill cells of brain and with them the positive force of mind starts to weaken and there emerges fear and negativity towards any situation of life. So positive thinking start to convert into negative and with passing time negativity starts to dominate positivity and perception about reality changes and individual starts to perceive each and every event and situation as negative.

Food of anxiety and depression   

Anxiety and depression feeds on positive feelings, emotions, thoughts and relationships.

As I have described earlier that anxiety and depression eats positivity from ones mind, it also attacks your emotions and feelings. You start to feel negative about people you care about (most destructive attack of anxiety), insecurities emerges in relationships due to these conditions as they kill your positive emotions towards others and as a result you become vulnerable to relationships.

Anxiety and depression replaces your positive emotions with fake ones as a result your positive self is covered with a cloak of negative self, so you completely change and it is nearly impossible to get your real self out without help of some one ( therapist, medication or someone else).

If there is a negative event in your past and thinking about that event makes you feel painful as if that event is happening right now then you are struggling from depression.

Whenever you start to fear about some event that is going to cause you pain and trouble in in the future and you start to feel that pain again and again by imagining it at the present moment then you are struggling from anxiety.

So comparing both these definitions you come to know that both anxiety and depression causes us to imagine a previous or future event that is not really happening at present time so both these conditions are connected infect both are two  different faces of a same coin and both destroys our ability to focus on present.

As both these conditions focus on to destroy the personality of individual so they try to eliminate all positive forces from one’s life and make that person alone and disconnected from all relationships as it makes it  easy to destroy a person.

It is an eye opener for all of us because anxiety and depression not only destroy a single person but it also defeats all relationships as he lacks supports from them during these times, it also defeats our so called civilized society who stigmatize such a person and label them as danger to society rather then making efforts for their proper adjustment.

The person who is struggling from such a condition may purposely want to stay alone as these conditions pushes one to become alone so there is no one who could share his pains and provides him with support. So if you really care about someone, you should never abandon them in these times they will try to isolate and keep away from you by showing rude behavior and harsh words (as their condition will give them fake image of you) but they need you most at that time than any other so you should not leave them to prove their fake feelings true.

Dealing with it

I have tried to explain these two conditions briefly above and now you must have understood about them.

Now I will try to explain how we should deal with it.

As the topic suggest that it is “call of change” so there is need of change of approach and behavior after these conditions appears in some one’s life.

There are two parties that have to deal with these conditions. First the person or persons who are going through this and secondly the persons that are attached to them.

So we need to understand our roles and be responsible in fulfilling them. As stated earlier that behavior should change, so personal roles become more important. A person who is struggling will find it difficult to fulfill his role due to his condition and as he is not fulfilling his duties so people will hesitate to provide him his rights, as I have mentioned that most people don’t understand this condition and think that a person is doing all this misconduct on purpose but they don’t realize that there is a strong force behind every of his action and he is too weak to resist it. Now I will try to make you understand the strength of this force to help you deal with it.

The strong dark force

As we know  now that there is a strong dark force behind every action of anxious and depressed person, all we need to know is its strength so we could know that why that person could not resist it and it dictate his actions according to its will.

The strength of human is that he could face all problems of the planet and conquer them and he is as weak as he loses to himself.

Every time you lose to yourself it reshapes your personality, but there is no guarantee that it will bring positive change.

Same is the case here, as we know there is some negativity present inside us at all time, so all those negative thinking, situations that I have mentioned at the beginning starts to increase our negativity level and at one point it become greater than our positivity  level.

So what happens insides us, there is a continuous fight between positivity and negativity and suddenly negativity starts to dominate and self-destruction starts.

In simple words our own self stand against us and as negativity is rapidly increasing so it starts to destroy us and our behavior changes to negative and as we lose moral and social support during these time so it finally result in a loss and this changes our personality in a negative way and changes our whole life.

So what happens if we have moral and social support during these times?
definitely it will increase our strength against our negative self and we will overcome it.

But if we lose then we are bound to  follow this force, it will make us blind of reality, we will believe whatever it says, we will act how it wants us to.

 Still confused! How strong this force is?

Have you heard about suicide?

Surely you would have.

So what is the most precious thing in a rational person’s life?

Simply, life itself is more precious then anything as people take other people life to save their own but for other people life is also as precious as for us.

So what causes a person to destroy that precious thing with his own hand?
what makes him to take his own life?
the dark force inside forces him, it changes reality for him, it creates a fake image of reality for him, it tell him that it is not worth living, it tell him that no one cares for you and you care for no one not even yourself.

This is the strength of dark force.

So how this force could be conquered?

Don’t think that the person who is going all through this has changed from inside.

No, not at all. He remains the same all you are seeing is a fake person, the person from inside might become a more humble person as he has experienced the life in a very cruel way, he wants to tell people how it feels, he wants to show compassion, he had become more sensitive of other people pain and he wants to remove others pain but he is too weak and too restricted in his own self to carry out any goodness.

The dark force is restricting him to show people his real self.

So, what do you think that how this person will destroy this dark force.

There are many things that contributes in bringing a person back and among them Religion, Family and Relations, Medication and Therapy are most important.


What religion do is to connect you with the source of all positive energies, so your strength to face any negative situation increases.

Family and Relations provides you with social and moral support you need in dark times so you got a reason to live and strength to fight.

Medication works as tonic to control emotions by making you relax and makes you negative emotions weak.

Therapy helps you to know yourself in a better way. It helps to rediscover yourself and find positivity within yourself.

As I have explained that relations and family have great role to take one out of this situation, you also want to know how one could help himself against it.

The real key factor in this fight is you (person who is struggling).

First step in this fight is realization and acceptance of your condition then seeking helping to get through it.

Most of the people take a long time to reach this first stage. They don’t know what they are going through. They think that it is a part of their life and whole of their life is messed up and it will not be changing. They think that whole world is against them.

Of course all of this is a fake perception and you will start to get better when you start to feel that there is something wrong with your perception, not the world. 

There are good times, very good times then there are bad times and very bad times in every ones life but the way you react to every situation tells you and others who you really are( I read something like this somewhere if I am not mistaking and I quite like it).

So what really happens when you show a positive response to this negative situation, what you are really doing is, killing the fake perceptions and if you are not able to overcome it then you are in a definite need of help and don’t hesitate to ask for it.

What most people think at first that everything will change over-night, this is a foolish thought.

Can the time of destroying and building be equal?

No, it can’t be.

You need to analyze how it started to happen with you, what is it going to do is to increase you realization of the condition and also the time period it took to destroy you and we know that it take much more time to rebuild, so be patient and take and keep every small positive things like a treasure and keep in mind that whenever you get negative it will add up the time and will destroy your treasure.

I know there are many more things that need to be explained but this post is just an introduction and a brief one to make people understand these conditions.

I will love to have your thoughts, experiences, suggestions and questions related to this post.

*“he” is used as a neutral gender in the whole post.


            The author is not a Doctor nor a psychiatrist or psychologist.

All he tried is to explain these condition through his own experience and the knowledge he had gained as a student.    

Inhumanity of humans

Inhumanity of humans
                                                                             Curse for all
There is nothing to worry about, if you are reading this article then you are human and look around, any one who looks nearly like you can be called human, at least figuratively.
If you are human then your behavior should also reflect it. What should be the behavior of a human being is a worth question but we will discuss it some other time, as far now our focus is something else.
Humanity comes from being Human, simply it is a gift of being human, on other hand inhumanity is exactly the opposite behavior the non-human extinct of humans and it is curse for humanity to show inhuman behavior.
Lets get out of all this trouble and simplify things a bit.
Let us  have a look at the history of humans ( don’t read too much of a history, just have a look).
What patterns do you see?
From old kinships to modern democracies, you will see some pattern: Majority is authority or to gain authority you need support of majority, none the less all efforts are to transfer powers to some single human or to a small elite group of people. Then the trends seems to change as stronger countries started to influence the authority of small countries for their own benefits to become super powers.
Through out history the behavior of majority was dreadful. You may disagree here and quote few examples where authority works for the minority but generally there were a lot of flaws regarding the behavior of majority ( govts and power groups).
Our present condition is also not a lot different and if we continue like this the future won’t be much different.
 Let me take you to 2520 AD. What difference do you think are there in 2520. I am not talking about human development, I am still on the topic of history.
What do you think about the pattern of history after 500 years?
 Do old good books of history of history are same as the new one?
You will see the same pattern as authority effects the history
all the times.
You can argue that history provides us with different faces of humans  and I am only depicting the cruel one.
Ok, you might be right. A group of people were living in jungle while other people who were civilized belonged to decent countries.
Lets get back to 21st century because you don’t need to read or imagine any thing here just need to observe the behavior of people now. This is the era of change, as humans have evolved to become a decent specie.
What difference you see in the behavior of the human from this modern era?
This is not the era of jungle. This is the era of science and technology, we are observing beyond galaxies and traveling beyond moon, but there is a lot more to discover and observe on the Earth.
So what is the condition of humans now and how is humanity doing?
All right, I guess<!–[if gte msEquation 12]>!<![endif]–>
We expect a much mature behavior from humans of this era but guess what you will be surprised<!–[if gte msEquation 12]>!<![endif]–> 
Aren’t you?
There is still inhumanity here.
Have you ever wonder why is it so?
Lets try to observe.
What changes all this development brings on the lives of humans?
Obviously it changes our lifestyle, bring more comfort into life, increased our knowledge etc but as humans where do we stand?
Don’t you think we still belong to the jungle.
There is no change and development in humans behavior.
The science and technology, international unions ( UN, SAARC, European Union), modern politics and our knowledge and experiences of war is of no use if we didn’t learn our lesson and there still exists poverty, war and inequality all over the world. So naturally nothing has changed throughout history.
 Let us observe an example from present time. The rise of COVID 19, a dreadful reality<!–[if gte msEquation 12]>!<![endif]–> It has taken lives of thousands and still counting.
What lesson did we get?
Nothing<!–[if gte msEquation 12]>!<![endif]–> As always.
There is some change in behavior of some strong countries ( temporary ) but not enough I guess.
In our world more people die due to poverty ( lack of food) than this virus and many more will die.
So what is this virus thing?
Just a small microscopic thing.
How can this beat the great human race.
No it won’t. You can not call this a loss if few thousand or say hundred thousand die because we don’t care as we never cared about those who died due to lack of food , just because we have plenty of healthy food on our tables. Because we never cared about people who died in war in different countries whether it is war against terrorism or some else, just because we were safe in our homes.
We never cared about people of Kashmir( disputed from more than 70 years) , Palestine ( who knows their name) and many more  just because we enjoy our civil rights.    
I just want humans to feel pain of other humans, I just want  them to think about other peoples, I just want them realize that how can we call ourselves humans if we don’t have any humanity.
If you never think like this before and suddenly bells started to ring inside your brain and you realize the importance of humanity and started to think about it then my job is done.
As we know about the present condition (created by COVID 19) and the power of the so called superpower has unfolded in front of us as the strongest countries of the world are not able to escape their fate then what can you expect from the weaker, poorer and hungry people.
What if spending billions of dollars cannot save can not save lives of people from death then how the poor and starving nation will get through it.
There is need of common steps that are needed to save humanity but the majority as always continue to humiliate the minority without the realization of their outcome.
They should realize that this is just a little glimpse of the power of the real super power and our evolution and development of thousands years is of no use to us.
All powers of the world are weak in front of someone who is strongest  and greatest and observing all of our deeds all the times.
As we have talked a lot about history, we should also learn some lessons from it.
Time is nearly on us and we should realize that our inhuman behavior is going to cast us much worse as it is doing now. These are just signs for us to change our thinking and behavior as people in the past suffered due to their cruelty and arrogance, it is very near that we also meet the similar fate.

Art OF Living

Art of living
Skills you need, to survive in todays society
Everybody today is talking about earning money and becoming rich  or skills you need to survive in today’s society as out society is becoming modern and modern with every passing day and out society is demanding more and more from you so you need to update or upgrade your existing skills.
Do you want to stay updated and live a stress free life?
Today I am going to tell you about some secrets that you can apply it in every field of society o live a peaceful happy and stress free life.
I will try to keep this article as simple and straight forward as I can so that I can save your time as well as to keep you away from unnecessary  stuff that you don’t want to hear and hopefully you will find a truly new way of living life after the end of this post.
First of all I want you to realize about your life priorities.
Have you ever try to set your life priorities?
If not every event will cause stress for you.
So first of all take some time out for yourself ( I know it is difficult but I know you have the follow this procedure for yourself, your loved ones, your family and friends) take a pen and paper and make a list of things that you think are most important for you in your life.
After making list you should arrange them in an order by keeping the most important one at the top and move downwards and putting least important at bottom.
As an example ; these important things can be money, family relations, job, becoming a professional or living a peaceful life etc.
This is a very important step as it will tell you about your own nature.
I want you to evaluate this list logically as you are evaluating some one else’s life not your own so you could stay as much neutral as possible.
Now the next step.
What ate your priorities?
Suppose if you prioritize money over all other things so what do you think about the nature of that person?
Write an answer to this question and try to be neutral.
Use as much paper as you can to broden your thinking and vision.
Try to argue why you put money first?
What are consequences of earning money and making it as your for most priority(as discussed in; ). Try to simplify your thoughts.
Feel free to take new considerations as it is our life and you are free to take decisions and to reconsider any decision  you had made wrong.
As we all know earning money is a key in today’s world but to putting it at top of the list is a social disease ( according to my opinion) as there are many bad consequences of this on individual level and on group level as well.
On individual level one can destroy his nature of existence, can destroy its relationships and health   ( as discussed in; ) etc.
On group level as we all know every one cannot get rich (as different status in society will remain due to our social system) so people use unfair means to earn money, they show deviance and can result in unstability of society etc.
So this is a little example how can you evaluate your priorities.
Here you can argue that  if you don’t prioritize money and prioritize some thing else  you can evaluate it in the same way by developing arguments..
Next question  you may ask is how will you came to know whether you are on the right track or if you have learn the art of living.
So this is the real question and real thought behind writing this post.
You can answer this question either by evaluating all your priorities or by considering my point of view.
I think the real art of living is to live your life in the natural way as we are meant to live.
You will ask what is the natural way?
Let me ask you a few questions.
Have you ever wonder about the purpose of your existence?
Have you ever talk to yourself about  who you really are?
Have you ever felt that you are on a wrong path?
Have you ever questioned about the unfair behavior of people?
Have anyone you trusted mistreated you?
If these few and some more questions arouse in your mind and you want answers and seeking for answers and you should as to develop your personality.
From another point of view you will argue that these are negative questions.
Your perspective might be right but you should also consider that negative questions can brought positive answers.
An event no matter how big it is effects your life just much as you let it to.
Incidents are meant to happen but our perception make them into accidents.
The main purpose behind this post is to make you realize about the power of your thinking and how could you rewire it so you can enjoy a much better life and believe me you deserve a better life.
As I have discussed earlier that you can draw positive outcomes from negative happening so how to do this.
For me this is a real art.
You will learn this art when you put a peaceful life as your top priority and to achieve your this goal you should not let any happening to have a negative effect on you, always has optimistic view about life, accept your condition and act according to the principles of nature.
Yes you heard me right, I am talking about principles of nature;
So what are these principles?
As an example: we all know what  is truth and what is a lie and speaking truth and being true is a natural principle.
There is a clear difference and a clear line is drawn between truth and lie.
Then why we tell lies and expect others to be true to us,(you can’t even expect good after doing good to others nowadays but at least it is self satisfying for you to do good) we violate natural principles and expect to remain peaceful and happy, peace and happiness will only be granted to one who work to provide them to others.
There are many other natural principles that we violates like breaking trust, being unfaithful, corrupt(both morally and socially), theft and many more social and moral evils that prevails in todays society.
If we want to make our life peaceful and our society happy and a prosperous place we need to take action now, we might not change everything but we can change ourselves and we should try because change starts from us and it needs to start now.
No matter what happens don’t let anyone disturb your life, don’t let anyone play with feelings and mind, don’t lose and sell your internal peace on any cost because it is your life and you will decide what happens with it.
Hopefully this post will serve you in a good way and gives you an idea of self realization.
Feel free to ask any questions and post any suggestions in comment section.
May you all live a peaceful and happy life.

social justice

Social justice ; key factor in prosperity of any society
Social justice as the term suggests is made up of two words social related to society and justice it is a term easy to understand but has a variety of complications and vast application.
As we all are members of a certain society that provide us with certain rights and bound us with certain duties.
Social justice is one of the most important right of an individual as a part off a society and it is amongst the foremost duty of a society to provide social justice.
As all of we are familiar with the system of justice, when we hear the term our first thought is judicial system,  police, lawyers and any other law enforcement agencies but when this term is joined with social it means providing equal rights and opportunities for every individual in a society, eliminate discrimination on basis of region, religion, caste, race, sex, disability and colour etc, remove quota system, equality before law, treatment of every individual with dignity and honor without taking his/ her social position into account, provide social and public services to all and many more.
I have no problem what so ever to call social justice as a backbone of any society and a key element in prosperity of any society.
Condition of third world countries
As we all are familiar with the condition of third world countries as they are struggling socially, politically and economically so is the structure of administration that is very poor and alarming, as these countries are facing many internal issues, social discrimination and corruption is on high, crime is also out of control and poverty increases day by day but capitalist system still flourishes.
In this miser condition social justice is just like a dream as capitalist keep on exploitation and voice of poor is forced to silence.
Class system and social justice
As we have already discussed about the miser condition of the lower class in third world countries. Unfortunately the justice system is also biased and there is different laws ( unwritten ) for different classes.
Lower class that forms the numeric majority of their most basic human rights while upper class lives in different world all to gather and enjoys extra support from administration and political institution as they enjoys prestige and power.
Crimes of upper class are totally protected by law( as action  against them is not seen often ) as these are consider as sacred people.
So social system here is just a term of two empty words that have nothing to do with reality.
Application of social justice
As we all know that there are code of conduct for every thing in a society but the societies that are strict and where duties are forced and people enjoy sufficient rights become civilized.
If the rule of social justice is enforced in third world countries then there is no way that anyone could stop peace, prosperity and happiness to prosper among these people because they also deserve it.
We are all children of same father and all we deserve is equal treatment and law of social justice protect our this right, all it takes is a bit of courage of application to eliminate hatred and discrimination and this could be done only if every individual is treated with equality, dignity, and everybody is provided with equal opportunities.
It is only way we can achieve the status of our desired society.


              A curse of our society

Who are beggars and where these people come from?
What effect they have on our society and who is responsible for their condition?
These are few very important questions and if we want our country to be happy and prosperous we need  to find answers to these questions.
Beggar is a person who lives by asking for money and food.
As a beggar is a central person of our focus today we need to understand the phenomena that is involve in making begging a go to option for a person to earn living for himself and his family and how it has become a curse for our society and a slap on face of our civilization. what are its consequences and how to solve this problem.
First of all let us discuss:
Begging as way of earning living
As in a country like  ours where majority of population struggle to earn as to satisfy their most basic needs and people deprive from poverty, malnutrition and illegal practices are common, where job opportunities are very few and majority earn their living on daily wage based labor. Many people are unable to enjoy their rights and many unable to utilize their full potential.
In a society like ours many decides to adopt illegal means for satisfying their need and many who lacks energy and will for illegal practices (majority of them are old aged persons, many are orphanage children and widows) adopts begging as a way of earning living.
There is an other aspect here, as a term “ professional begging “ has developed most recently,
This term refers to a group of people who had gathered for begging purpose, in this group there is a leader who hires people and deals all affairs of group.
Many people who are not needy have adopted begging as a profession as to earn money without working as they think it is most easiest way to earn money without much effort.
Life of begging
As  poverty has huge effect on a persons life so does begging as poverty is the main cause for beggary. Begging  has huge consequences on personal life as well as on society.
Society is made up of individuals and begging disturbs the personal life of an individual as society is dependent on every person who has to perform  certain duties so that society functions smoothly.
As begging is directly related with poverty and poverty don’t have its impact only on a personal life but it also effects family as a whole and as family is an important institution in society so whole society is disturbed when a single family is disturbed.
Out of the social terminology how can we understand its effect in simple words.
As we all know that beggary is directly related with poverty and poverty is the sole cause of deviant behavior and social evils in our society so we need to focus on the impacts that poverty had on ones life.
As we all know that in the fast moving world of today if you don’t keep up with modern day requirements you will be pushed out the competition all together and as the capitalist system is the way of life today poor are becoming more poor and as a result are left behind, and unable to satisfy their most common needs.
In a country like ours where there is a not enough opportunities and where injustice and corruption is on top, where a person works hard throughout day to earn an unsatisfactory living, where there is a poor system of education and even an educated person don’t gets proper opportunities then you can understand the problems of an unemployed poor person.
 As we discussed earlier that beggars are mostly overage persons, widows, physically disabled and orphanage children who don’t have any other way of income so they opted begging as their profession.
This is  the most vulnerable group of population, people argue that it is the most easiest way to earn but infect it cost them selling their self respect.
They are treated like animals or worse and still we  expect them not to feel anything because we think that we gave them food and life but there is a lesson for us   and for the whole society in their life and a whole lot for us to think about and act on as to make sure that these people can enjoy a happy life as they also deserve each and everything that anyone else had no matter if they are poor, old, disabled, orphan or widowed because when you have no one who could take care of you then it is the responsibility of the society to take care of them and civilized societies accept their responsibilities and  perform their duties.
people ask if they should give money to beggars but no one thinks why person is begging.
Responsibility of society
 There is a great responsibility on society and on all of us as a part of society.
As every person in a society should work for improvement and welfare of society and society should also provide opportunities to them.
 Both individual and society are interrelated if society is responsible for deviant behavior of an individual so is individual if society is not functioning smoothly.
In our society both individuals and society are not performing their duties as per required.
In majority of cases deviant behavior is not controlled by society  and in many others our society support such behavior directly or through indirect means.
 As we know all these are responsibilities of government and we all know about the system of  government in our country.
I only want them to understand that if you will not provide opportunities for deserving, if this system of injustice remains same, if our institutions keep on supporting the powerful and if we kept on ignoring   the poor and if our system remained same than it will be sooner that a chaos will occur that will demolish our society and we can already see its signs.

Education and Relationships

Education and Relationships

What is education?
What is the connection between education and relationships?
What are the goals of education?
How our education attainment effect our relationships?
These few and many more questions rise in my mind as I tried to understand our present education system and downfall of relationships.
Education could be formal and informal. Formal education is a type of learning that took place at some specific place that is designed for educational purpose whereas Informal education is a learning that take place outside of formal system as we learn different things by observing other people but keep one thing in mind, that change in behavior will take place as a result to this learning.
Importance of education
We have been learning about importance of education from school level as education helps us in getting job earning money, supporting family, learning new things and most important is character building and many more.
Now as we have discussed education a little  I think it’s time to briefly discuss about relationships.
Relationships as I will discuss in this article could be family relations that we are part of  from birth and other relationships that are made as we started to grow up as relation with teachers, friends between husband and wife and so on according to your cultural context.
Now we will look at importance of relationships.
Importance of Relationships
Relationships are very important and there are several duties that we are bound to perform as a part of a certain relationship.
There are certain boundaries and sanctions attached to relationships as we are part of a certain faith and society, so both religion and society imposes certain duties on individuals and we can understand and perform those duties only if we get education about both religion and society.
So here we understood a very important point and that is; To smoothly run a relationship we have to properly perform duties related with it and education help us to know these duties and perform them as we are expected to.
So what happens if we doesn’t perform these duties?
Answer of this question will help us to understand the Importance of relationships.
So as we know there are certain duties attached with relationships both by religion and society and we are well aware of the consequences if we breach the code of religion as it is sin and we will be punished.
Now for those who look at the temporary outcome we will discuss about the duties that society imposes on us.
As society is made up of different institutions and these institutions are like pillars in the building of society and family is the most important one among those institutions, and we already know that family is the name of relationships.
So what if we don’t perform those duties?
As we can see in western countries that the institution of family is badly disturbed as joint family system was broken down into nuclear family life of an individual got badly disturbed as he/she is the only one responsible for outcome of his/her actions and if he/she fails it gets them to face the worst  situation anyone can Imagine. They may face financial issues and no one to help then may struggle psychologically because there relation with God also weakens so they have no hope left.
There are many more results that you can attach with this and all results are severe.
Relationships In Pakistan
Relationships have a huge significance in society like ours. We are bound by many relationships and our region is well known for structure of joint family system the norms in Pakistani culture are very rigid and it is considered as a sin to go against them.
Downfall of Relationships
As I was going through social media sites I saw many posts related to relationships problems.
Now a days people feel free to express their views on social media.
I was wondering what difference does time had on relationships? probably you will understand this difference if you consult and older person above 40 years about this difference as he observe throughout his life, you will come to understand that relationships saw a downfall with time.
Education and relationships
As we have discussed earlier that Pakistani society saw a downfall in relationships.
So what are the reasons behind it?
Probably easy to answer but difficult to understand.
Yes, I am talking about education.
Here you will argue that what is difficult in it to understand.
it is simple.
what is logic in it?
So let’s talk about logic hidden here.
So let me ask you a few questions.
Were people in past more educated?
Were there more number of schools, colleges and universities in the past?
Was there more emphasis on education in past than now?
Was there more need for a person to be educated in the past?
And there is a much probability that answer to every question will be ‘no’.
If so
This is a real question.
If people are more educated now then why relationships are losing their importance in our society.
We could link a few reasons to this.
First one is quality of education.
Yes, you understand rightly that our education system doesn’t provide quality education but;
 Is it the only reason?
It might be a reason but we have to find some more.
Other thing is that we need to understand the relation between education and relationships as discussed in importance of education.
Other argument we can made is about character building and how our children are raised in  our home it is a quite concern as modern parents don’t have enough time for their child and they expect a lot more from schools and on the other hand school administration found education as a business so the real education suffer and our whole generation suffer as a result.
On the other hand in the past child use to have many relatives around so he has plenty of opportunities to learn a strong moral conduct which is lacking now so as a result when that child grows as an adult he doesn’t distinguish between right and wrong only thing he had learned is to achieve goal and it doesn’t matter if you use unfair means so as a result whole society suffers.
So the quality of our formal education is low and we have lost the sources of informal education.
Now as we have understood that education and relationships are very important and what is their mutual link so we can say that proper education holds a key. Our government should look to improve content and quality of education as to make our future secure and make character of our children strong. We should teach our child, right and wrong and this should be the main thing you should pay attention to because when an educated person does something wrong then there might be something to concern.


                           not region, not religion

                                    It is a matter of humanity
kashmir; not region not religion
map of kashmir

Kashmir, simplest term to define it as many people says heaven on earth.
It has been a sovereign state for many centuries and people of Kashmir enjoyed a peaceful life for thousands of years.
It has remained under rule of many different dynasties and rulers of this region changed from time to time but there was no change on life of common people and throughout history you can find that these people mostly enjoyed peace and prosperity.
1947 partition
Kashmir became a dispute between India and Pakistan after the partition of British subcontinent in 1947 as both India and Pakistan tried to invade it and as a result divided territory into two parts known as Iok (Indian occupied Kashmir) and Pok (Pakistan occupied Kashmir).
My point of view
I being a Kashmiri don’t want you to look at the history of Kashmir and to feel pity about us I only want you to look at the present condition of Kashmir
Current situation
Iok has been going through the worst lockdown of history and it has been more than hundred days that India has diminished basic human rights on the other side of the line in Pok Kashmiri people feel as helpless as in the Iok because they are not able to do anything of their brothers , sisters and other family members and all they can do is to look at Pakistan who had always tried to convince Kashmiri people that we are brothers but I as a Kashmiri feel ashamed of my so called brothers attitude as out sisters been raped our brothers been killed and as media reports suggests eyes of many has been snatched as Indian army uses pallet guns to play hunt with Kashmiris.
 What effect does it have on your life when your country is divided into two parts and ruled by two different rulers?
I being a Kashmiri can feel the pain and try to express this to you in a hope that you will have some humanity left and you will feel for me and for my people.
Kashmiri family
My family is a migrant family and my father migrated from Iok to Pok when he was in high school. My grand father also migrated but my grand mother along with brother and sister of my father was left there in Iok.
It was in early 2000s when talks were held and as a result of those peace talks a bus service was started between two parts of Kashmir between Muzaffarabad and Srinagar both are cities of Kashmir.
As my father tried for a ticket to meet his mother(who was above 80 at that time) he was denied each time he made an attempt, after huge efforts he got his ticket and finely met his mother after more than 40 years.
This is a story from my own home and there are thousand more as Kashmiri families are making sacrifices but nothing counts as our so called forums for social justices and united nations enjoys a sound sleep.
The real matter
There are some serious matters that we should discuss if we want to understand matter of Kashmir.
I tried to understand why we are facing this situation.
I came across different point of views related to this issue.
First of all we will discuss why India and Pakistan are fighting for Kashmir.
Kashmir for India and Pakistan

kashmir; not region not religion

Region of Kashmir has an important strategic position as it is located between India, China and Pakistan three most important countries of Asia.

This region is also full of natural resources and most importantly all three countries water supply came from glaciers of Kashmir so they want to keep water resources in their hands as a dispute of water arouse and was solved in 1960 as a result of Indus water treaty.
There is also ego of both countries involve in this dispute as India call Kashmir as their attot-aang and Pakistan as shah-rag. So both countries tell their people that Kashmir is an essential part of their country forgetting that Kashmir was never a part of any country and history will provide you with proof if you want.
What Kashmiri’s want from world community  
kashmir; not region not religion

As a Kashmiri I can tell you about the voice of Kashmiri people and what message does this voice want to convey to world community.
As a Kashmiri we might belong to a poor region.
we might not have much resources to show off.
we might not be a big market like India for you to care about.
We might be different from you in colour.
we might be different in faith.
 we are humans like you.
It is not a matter of region or religion it has rise above all of this and reached at peak of all matters it is asking questions about humanity and if there is any humanity left, do humans still feel pain of other humans.
All we want is to not let humanity die don’t let Kashmiri’s die because humanity dies with humans.
We want you to take our message to all world forums where we might not have approach.
We want you to be our voice against cruelty and injustice.
This is the voice of 8 million people making struggle for their human rights.
You might think that being Kashmiri I am talking about this in emotions,
Yes I am emotional for my country, I want my people to live a happy life I want our families to reunited again.
I want development of my people and region.
If you think I am emotional about this you can evaluate it rationally by reading the resolutions of United Nations in 1948.
If UN can give Jews rights to snatch land of Palestine and make it as their homeland why it is not playing its role in solving the issue of Kashmir
It Is our land we want our rule on our land we want self determination, not India not Pakistan not UN or any one else Kashmiri’s and only Kashmiri’s will decide their future
Are we  wrong?
We are not wrong as UN has accepted our right of self determination and both India and Pakistan had agreed for a Plebescite.
If we are right then why UN and all other forums of international justice are silent.
They are silent because they don’t want this issue to be resolved.
UN is just playing in hands of few countries and so called  superpowers and they have personal interests in keeping this dispute as it is.
So all they do is to let humanity die and let their personal interests prosper.
All these superpowers will fall as in past and every big market will crash but what we can not let fall and die is humanity.
What are interests of super powers in this dispute?
As you know about the strategic position of Kashmir you should all know about India and Pakistan rivalry and how big weapons traders want small nations to be in state of war and sold their weapons as US is doing with both India and Pakistan.
There is also a strategy as to keep these countries underdeveloped as superpowers think that they might pose a threat to their prosperity as superpowers and western countries enjoy on cheap supply of resources and oil from these countries.
It is not just a matter here in Kashmir. You can also see the tension in middle east and then the new agenda that has been made to put Turkey into war
You might think that I am giving examples of Muslim countries but remember that all big markets, super power are western countries and mostly the countries that have immense natural resources but underdeveloped are Muslims, so western countries wants to keep dominant and keep their capitalist system flourish, so they provoke these subordinate, underdeveloped countries in war and tensions against each other and enjoy on their resources and money.
So at the end I want you to share my message and keep humanity alive and let people of Kashmir know that humanity is above all our interests.
May God help us all in our good deeds.

Earning Money

Earning Money
                                      Key to success                              
earning money

Everybody today is thinking about how to make money, a lot of money and at a rapid pace.

Question arises, is it possible to make a lot of money in a short time?
Answer is yes, it is pretty much possible.                                                                               
If yes than how?
A lot of books have been published on this topic and you will find a lot of stuff on internet.
Now you will be thinking if any of these tricks works?
Answer is . . . . . .
Hang on!
What are you expecting me to explain?
·         Maybe some kind of a magic trick!
·         5 steps  to make a lot of money
·         3 ways you can become rich
I will disappoint you.
As I am a social writer and all my focus is to improve society by indicating social issues and try to find solutions.
As our today’s topic is money I will therefore look at the social consequences of money.
Now answer this question;
What do you think about a successful life?
If you think it is money that is necessary for a successful life then hang on and read till the end.
You think the other way, that being happy defines your success and you want to live a happier and prosperous life, than you are on the right track and all you need is to hang on and  have faith and read next few paragraphs.
 What do you know about life of a rich people?
I am not talking about life struggle of people to become successful no matters how you view success as.
What I am trying you to observe is the inside reality of rich people life.

earning money

Do you know any rich person?
If yes, than  you can search about them.
If not, don’t worry let me do this job for you.
So let’s construct a hypothesis.
Let say having money doesn’t defines happiness;
So why is that rich people don’t live a happy life?
I was searching about the same question as I came across a study conducted by Michael Norton a Harvard business school professor.
He studied the connection between happiness and wealth.
He asked more than 2000 people who have a net wealth of at least 1 million dollars, how much happy they were on a scale of 1 to 10 almost everyone told him that they will be perfectly happy if they had two or three times more money than they had right now.
So  this study shows that you cannot buy happiness with money so you should do what you are good at rather than try to get extra money by some unfair means.
So rich people are like drug addict they are addicted to money.
 They always want more so as a result never got time to enjoy life and see the real beauty in anything they live an artificial life and other people see them and think that they enjoy every bit of life but from inside they are always trying to find some ways to multiply their wealth not using it.
So there rises another question what would you do with your wealth if you don’t spend it?
Here you will probably argue that rich people lives a luxurious life so what more they should spend at?
They have big houses most advanced vehicles branded clothing and so on….!
But remember, this is just a show off.
As a social science student I think having a lot of money  and dreaming to get a lot of money is s social sickness.
Money and a lot of money has social consequences, not just on social life but also on physical and mental health of a person as discussed in my other article you see it
As explained earlier rich people always try to multiply their wealth no matter how much wealth they have.
If you look at the health of rich people, you will find that they are struggling from as many diseases, you can’t even name all of them.
You will again argue that anyone can struggle from any disease but it will leave this question for your research by only saying that yes anyone can struggle but not as much as they do.
So from this little research and from a lot more big ones held by professionals I can easily say that having money does not define your state of being happy, happiness comes from nature and by living a natural life by adopting natural principles, you can agree or disagree with me.
 Whatever, feel free to share your views I will be looking forward to see your comments and love to hear about you perspective about happiness and wealth and their connection, and if you still think that being wealthy means being happy!

Are you healthy

Are you healthy
are you healthyWhat is health? How a person is considered as healthy?
These are simple questions that may rise in anyone’s mind medicine can give answers to these question with ease.
But what is lay persons concept? I may not be a medical professional but I’m a lay person so how do I see my health?
We will not get into sophisticated medical terms I will only look at it from common lay persons perspective.
My health started to fall quickly as I started to quit socializing  and spend my time alone remaining idle and thinking rubbish.
 one day someone asked me “Are you healthy”?
I was unable to understand this term at that time because I was physically fit it was just a little worry that I was losing interest in things that I found amusing sometime before.
So what made me think like this?
It was my mental health.
1.     Modern society’s problem
In today’s complex and fast moving world we had found ourselves in complicated situation, we do work, a lot of  work and still don’t have time for work.
are you healthy

We are working machines…. But still unsatisfied with our work.
How we are dealing with ourselves?
As we are trying to work like computers we had corrupted our processor
Yes I am talking about our brain.
How much our brain do for us? and what we offer in return.
We don’t have time for ourselves time to relax or to do some fun
2.     Mental health report
According to WHO mental disorders effect one in four person and every 40 seconds a person die committing  suicide and over 450 million people suffer from mental disorders so it is quite common but mostly medical aid is neglected in majority cases.
3.     What we can do
What we can do is stop thinking and doing some practical work
If you feel you are mentally unhealthy
   You should;
·         Accept your condition
·         Seek medical aid
·         Take some break from work and relax
·         Spend time with optimistic people
·         Maintain healthy diet and exercise daily
If someone you know is mentally unhealthy
·         Force them for medical aid
·         Talk with them and make them realize that this is just a  medical problem as any other disease is
·         Tell them to meditate and exercise
4.     Miss concept
As many people are not aware of mental or psychological diseases so their lies a miss concept that a person suffering from such diseases is mad or insane.
So most of the people avoid any social contact with such people as these people are labeled as psychos or psychopaths there is a great need to eliminate this concept as majority of cases can be treated easily and that person can enjoy living a normal life all they need is a bit of social support they don’t want you to hate them nor did they want is pity all they want is space for them in society otherwise they will get disappointed from society and become hopeless.
5.     Final words
what research related to mental illness has found is alarming we should pay emphasis on mental well being and just not focus on providing medical facilities but also try to provide social space to people who deserve our attention.
 You can learn more about it on internet and can get medical help if needed because you deserve a better mental health and internal peace as everybody else does.

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